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The New Hampshire Baptist Association recently voted to merge with the Baptist Convention of New England. You can find us at

Rich Clegg serves as our Regional Coordinator. Rich moved with his family to NH 15 years ago to help start a church. He still serves as pastor of a local church in Manchester in addition to serving the Association. Having adopted four kiddos with a total of six currently in their home, Rich and his wife Abbey are very active in the foster-adoptive community.


Ministry is a team sport. Our desire is to see churches encourage churches and leaders encourage leaders to fulfill their particular callings in ministry and be a blessing to their communities.


We gather together in prayer and fellowship. We provide training and facilitate volunteer teams. We work with several foster care organizations helping meet a crucial need in our state. 


We are a family of churches spread over NH and Northern Mass. We also partner with the Baptist Convention of New England and the Southern Baptist Convention.

The Most Important Message

The truth about who Jesus is and what He has done are the most important truths on the planet. Have you trusted in Him?

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